Summer Yoga Cleanse

One month to go before Summer begins! Do you want to develop a healthier relationship with yourself and food? To meet the holidays with energy and clarity?

Then it's time to commit to a full mind, body cleanse!   Once again I am collaborating with the lovely Jo from The Treehouse Yoga Bunbury to bring Bunbury our Summer Yoga Cleanse....

In Summertime nature comes into full bloom. All of life is at its most expansive and vibrant. Cleansing at this time helps us to stay balanced, centred and clear, while at the same time cultivating a joyful and creative spirit.

Cleansing supports growth and provides a foundation of vibrant health to see you through the (potential) excesses of the coming season. It's a great way to set foundations for a healthy and energetic Summer.

WHAT IS A CLEANSE? Sometimes we just need help to re-set. Commit to throwing out old habits that do not serve us and adopt new, healthier, happier habits. A cleanse is an opportunity to bring honesty and clarity to our relationship with food and eating. Our cleanse is simple and easy to follow, fully supported by us the whole way and the effects are profound and transformational.

WHY CLEANSE? It is amazing to witness the many positive changes people can experience within a short space of time. Some benefits include more clarity, focus and energy. A sense of empowerment may come from having released old habits. New perspectives and creative insights often arise during this time. And the flow-on benefits of cleansing can bring real and lasting change to every aspect of our lives.

From one of our cleanser's last season "I feel refreshed and alive again my backpack is lighter and my step has a spring in it.. I've even had people comment on my outward glow..."

HOW DOES IT WORK? The cleanse lasts for 9 days and consists of 3 phases. The lead in phase of 2 days where we prepare for the cleanse, then 5 days of eliminating all inflammatory foods, and the final phase of slow reintroduction of foods to see if there are any that no longer serve the body. Throughout the program we nourish ourselves through a combination of healthy, clean food, and cleansing yoga practices that support the body to let go and eliminate toxins.

**Detox symptoms may arise, but after a few days you will feel more grounded, energised, experience greater clarity in all of our senses, and feel more in touch with your truth. After cleansing you can slowly return to your normal eating or continue on the clean eating path.


DATE: Monday, 1 December - Saturday, 6th December. TIME: Mon - Fri at 6am - 7am. Saturday at 11.30am - 12.30pm

**Wednesday, 26th November at 7pm we will get together to discuss and plan the week ahead**

LOCATION: This time we are taking it outdoors to connect with nature. We will finalise the location and let you know. 

For your commitment and energy you will get -

* 6 classes of detoxifying yoga. * A Yoga mat. * Your very own Summer Cleanse book, full of hints, tips, ideas and guidance to enhance your cleanse. * 9 day clean eating menu plan, including recipes. * Invite to the private Summer Yoga Cleanse facebook page to support, inspire, share and encourage each other on our journey. * Specially formulated Detox tea put together for the Cleanse by the Herbal Emporium for the week. * Epsom salts for the week. * Celebratory lunch and green smoothie after class on Saturday at Natural Temptation. * Discount voucher for yoga classes with The Treehouse Yoga Bunbury to encourage you to continue your really does not have to end! * Discount voucher for a private consult with me - Caroline Wallace Naturopath - Vitality & Balance.....maybe the week will inspire you to personalise your 'new you'.

* Discover of parts of yourself that you were not even aware of. .....and so, so much more.....

This is the journey home to your heart.....

Investment - $150

Bookings and pre-payment are essential - Bookings close on the 24th November 2014. Checkout our Facebook link for additional details to book.