8 tips to surviving the holidays!

This time of year is always busy with social functions, birthday parties, end of school celebrations and dancing concert rehearsals. It’s a great time of year but easy to be completely overwhelmed. 

This week saw the start of the Summer Cleanse with The Treehouse Yoga in Bunbury, bringing a sense of calm (at least from 6-7am!) for the week to 36 committed ladies.

If you don’t have the opportunity to join a group like this to set you up for the silly season, here are some of my top tips to get through the month.

  1.  Don’t let your food choices go on holiday. It’s easy to live on party food and snacks on the run. Make sure you at least have a good breakfast – that’s a 1/3 of your day’s food taken care of in one meal. Fast Overnight Buckwheat or simply eggs with mushrooms and spinach are a great start to the day.
  2.  Keep moving – being active everyday improves mood, helps with digestion, helps to manage that holiday weight gain, and generally make you feel better. A tool that I use to keep me honest is a pedometer. I aim for 10,000 steps a day and I’m surprised how often I don’t make it that far.
  3.   Keep hydrated, especially as the temperature climbs. When you don’t have enough water on board you can end up with headaches, fuzzy thinking, tiredness and hunger. I always carry around my large Cheeki waterbottle. It's stainless steel, so no nasty BPA’s in there.
  4.  Sleep – even though I may not need to rush off in the morning, I still go to bed at a regular time. Making sure I get 8 hours sleep is key to keeping me happy and a lot less snappy. Sleep is also a good way to make sure you are taking time out for your immune system to repair, being sick at Christmas is no fun!
  5.  Switch off the phone and email at least 2 hours a day. Having some e-free time that is mapped out can take the pressure off, allowing you to focus on something else – like creating papier mache balloons for Christmas!
  6. Be a tourist in your own town. So often we never do the great things on our doorstep. We live in an amazing part of the world - you just need to explore it.
  7. Have a pyjama day! Especially if you have kids home from school. Just have some time hanging out together and without the pressure to be somewhere. For so many days of the year we are under time constraints (pushing up the adrenaline and the cortisol) take time and recharge.
  8.  Go on an adventure – one of the best days I had with my kids was loading them up in the car one holiday morning and heading out for a drive with no particular plan. We ended up finding thousands of gnomes in the bush, and swimming in the icy water at Honeymoon Pool before getting home late and having fish and chips on the beach. Bliss!

School holidays are about recharging for the year ahead, take the time out and enjoy them. I will making the most of it, as my youngest starts school next year (much to her excitement!) Time definitely flies!