Countdown to the Yoga Spring Cleanse

Yoga Spring Cleanse 2014

I have been neglecting my blog recently, July and August have been a busy time. Late July saw the birth of an idea to join with The Treehouse Yoga Bunbury to create a group program for week long cleanse, complete with a eating plan and daily yoga. Now It's only 12 days till the start of the Spring Yoga Cleanse and I'm excited. Over many a green smoothie, Jo from Treehouse Yoga and I put together the plan. We created program where our participants will experience the power of cleansing on the physical, emotional and mental planes. Combining a detoxifying yoga practice, with clean eating which will help to eliminate toxins and enable the organs to better perform their natural detox function, kick starting optimum health, energy and vitality.

The eating component is based on clean eating principles. No wheat, dairy, gluten, refined sugar, processed foods, alcohol or caffeine.  Along with the clean eating plan and recipes, we have ongoing support throughout the program though our Facebook group. I will definitely be encouraging lots of questions in the group, as there is always someone who has the same thoughts, but too shy ask!

Alkalising Morning Drink

I recently completed a month long detox where I removed dairy, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, processed foods and sugar from my diet. You can read about this here. I felt fabuous at the end of the month, but there were challenges along the way. I found that removing sugar was a far bigger challenge than removing caffeine for me. Read about my half way point here. I learnt some of my intolerances include dairy, wheat and that sugar does not mix well with my gut health. I'm still suffering this week from a cupcake overload at my daughter's birthday!

I'm looking forward to supporting our 35 participants and completing the cleansing challenge again for myself - after all I wouldn't ask my clients' to do something I won't try myself!