Sweet Dreams? 9 Tips for a Good Night Sleep

Miss J Asleep

Generally we don't stay up late in our house, because we are usually up at 5am! But recently I have been staying up way later than I should, and not getting a very restful sleep. Having so many balls in the air can make sleeping difficult, lest I imagine one dropping and bouncing off my head, I call this 'busy brain syndrome'. Sometimes a good nights sleep is impossible - I know with small kids sleep can be a rare thing. My daughter was given a onsie that read "sleep is for the weak!". I think she took that literally, and after 12 months of being up every night for at least 2 hours at a time she finally gave in. Lucky for me as I was about to be sent to cuckoo land.

So providing you have no other reason to be awake here are my 9 top tips to make sure you have a good nights rest.


  • No caffeine containing foods or beverages after 3pm - This is really important if you are super sensitive to caffeine. Even your nightly square of organic 80% dark chocolate might be enough to keep you from switching off. Opt for a relaxing chamomile and lavender tea. Other teas that can be helpful are passionflower, lemon balm and hops. These are also available in a herbal tincture and tablet form, but a tea is a gentle delivery method.
  • Don't miss your sleepy cues - When you are starting to yawn and your eyes feel heavy, take that as your cue to head to bed. This is your body's natural sleep rhythm and you'll most likely ride the wave to the land of nod quickly.
  • If you are suffering from 'busy brain' and have trouble turning off from the activities of the day, take 5 minutes and write a to-do-list before getting into bed. Getting all your thoughts out on paper allows you to stop worrying and get some rest. They will be there tomorrow, and sometimes you'll have a different persecutive after sleep.
  • Meditiate - Take the time when you first get into bed to focus on your breathing, and run through some positive affirmations. This helps you to lower your cortisol and stress levels helping you feel rested. It may also help increase positivity in the morning through fostering a positive mindset.

So, it's time to switch off, and catch the wave to sleepy land. To wake up feeling rested, refreshed and ready to take on the day feeling fabulous.

Night night!

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