8 Tips to Shake Off a Flat Mood - Without Chocolate!

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Somedays you wake up in a flat mood, somedays it pounces on you, and that's ok just as along as you don't stay feeling this way. When this happens I have a few tricks to help me out of my pity party. I do all, or just one of these tips to feel fabulous again:

1. Take 5 minutes to give yourself an all over skin brush and a warm shower. Skin brushing is a great way to get the blood flowing. I always feel a bit luxurious having a mini massage. Its amazing how little we touch our whole body, unless you are massage person, this may be closest we get.  There are lots more benefits to adding skin brushing into your daily routine, enough to do a whole post on it!

2. Get dressed in something bright. Black, grey, brown and beige can leave you feel exactly like that - beige. Even in winter I will try to wear colour. This is my fabulous fluro yellow leopard print scarf. A gift from my extremely stylish friends at The Style Trust. Never fails to brighten my day.

3. Put on your makeup (for the ladies) and do your hair. This is my mother-in-law's mantra and she always looks immaculate. I love a bright red lipstick when I'm feeling flat. I must admit it does look a little odd when I'm in my workout gear, but it never fails to lift my mood.

4. TURN UP THE MUSIC!! If you have a favourite tune put it on loud and dance around. Moving your body to music can really help improve mood. I have been caught many times singing along to my iPod while running on the treadmill. Make sure you pick something upbeat - like Pharrell Williams 'Happy' or even better 'Shake it Off' from Taylor Swift, 'My Heart Will Go On' from Celine Dion won't cut it. My kids also love to dance around with me and think I'm nuts - but thats ok! Singing along in the car is another uplifting tip, just pray for good sound proofing, and other drivers get a laugh too. Perfect way to perk up someone else's day.

My last 4 tips are on the more relaxing side of mood lifting.

5. Have a tea and light a candle. There is a sense of serenity when you gaze into candle light, and the ritual of making tea can be very therapeutic. I have love of organic green tea from Nerada. It's fresh without being too bitter - just make sure you take out the tea bag after 3-4 minutes. If you want something more relaxing The English Tea Company have a lovely Calming Blend tea, another fav.

6. Practice some deep breathing. There is now research into the calming and blood pressure lowering effects of breathing techniques. The one I love and use all the time is the method from Andrew Weil M.D.

- Breathe in for the count of 4

- Hold for the count of 7

- Breathe out for the count of 8.

Repeat this at least 3 times to feel immediate relaxation, or longer if you have the time. I do this when the kids are going mad and I need to chill out!

7. Have a flick through Meditations to Heal Your Life from Louise L. Hay. I was given this book by my Dad about 7 years ago and I didn't open it until a few months ago. I guess I really wasn't ready for it. I use by simply opening up to any page and having a read. As the blurb on the back states 'begin reading anywhere in this book. Open it at will. The message will be perfect for you at that moment...." I must say that mostly the affirmations are thought provoking and apt for my feelings at the time - some are a little out there, but it is calming and thought provoking.

8. Get a little bit of sunshine. 15 minutes of midmorning sunshine can lift mood, add to your store of vitamin D and even help with lowering blood pressure 1.

And finally remember that you are wonderful and deserve to be happy. Life is too short to be miserable!



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