Raegan Zacher, Western Australia.

"Best naturopath I have ever come across. What I like most about Caroline is that she always offers a permanent fix to everything. Most naturopaths seem to be very quick to pass you a supplement, which does work but I certainly don't want to be taking a tablet for the rest of my life. Any problem I have ever put forward to Caroline, she has gone straight to the source, e.g. Food, stresses, lifestyle. Of course there have been times when a supplement was useful to help along the balancing process, but 9 times out of 10 it was a simple dietary or lifestyle alteration that solved everything. If you want help with food and diet, I definitely recommend Caroline, she herself is the picture of health and she has so much knowledge on 'good' food without it being a time consuming hassle! As for everything else, Caroline is full bottle on getting well and healthy and staying that way."