Cara April Head Shot.jpeg

I am a mum to two wonderful, crazy kids and qualified Naturopath, living in Perth, Western Australia.

I live by the 80/20 rule (80% of the time I do what I should and the other 20% is my leeway to indulge). This type of balance keeps me sane, and stops me from over thinking everything.

I always thought myself to be in good shape, however in 2003 when my health took a dive, I decided that I needed to really understand what ‘healthy’ meant. Back then I was a hard working, champagne loving, party girl. 

I lived on low fat yoghurts, pasta, take away food and diet coke. I thought that going for a walk three times a week (usually to an ice-cream shop, or local pizza place) was enough to keep me going. With what I now know I’m surprised I managed to keep up this erratic lifestyle for so long!

Firstly, I developed Uveitis in my left eye – which has now left me with a permanently damaged pupil (luckily I can still see perfectly well – although I struggle to spot the pieces of Lego on the ground before I stand on them). There was never a true diagnosis as to why I had this condition, other than “its autoimmune and may flare up again” which it has, but not with the same ferocity as before, as I now know how to deal with it.

Then in 2010 I developed multiple blood clots in my lungs (Pulmonary Embolism) due to changes in my blood from pregnancy – note to self no more kids!! It turned out a pre-baby trip to Broome wasn’t a good idea. I have to thank emergency medicine for my survival on this one. In March 2014 I developed alopecia areata, losing a 50c sized piece of hair on top of my head. This may not seem like a lot, but when you have long thick hair it was significant. Fortunately it has grown back, but I am always checking to make sure no more hair loss.

All of these seemingly unrelated conditions point in the direction of autoimmune disorder. Auto-immunity is a very difficult area of health to treat as symptoms can often be misleading or very generalised. My significant health events are my body’s way of telling me that things need to change. I am continually learning and using myself as a test case to see what works. 

My Naturopathic studies at the Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine, Perth (AIHM) opened the world of alternative health to me, a lot of science, herbal medicines, the wonders of nutritional supplements and a myriad of ways to manage chronic and acute conditions.

Since graduating and working with clients I have developed a deeper respect for the power of healing ourselves and maintaining optimum health, through not only the food we eat but also the relationships we develop.

I aim to live my life as balanced as I can, and work along side clients to achieve their heath and lifestyle goals. As we all only have one life to live. We should live it well.